quarta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2011

.:Retrofuture - Makin Moves Hosted By Dj Epps (Mixtape):.

Track 1: Intro (DJ EPPS)
Track 2: The One You Used to Know (feat. Joey Jay)
Track 3: Cheap Wine
Track 4: Let it Play
Track 5: Down to Ride (feat. Bobby G)
Track 6: Villain
Track 7: Higher Than Most
Track 8: New Music (feat. Bobby G and Juvie)
Track 9: Alcohol
Track 10: iParty
Track 11: X
Track 12: Speed of Sound
Track 13: Miami Nights
Track 14: Fried-Ay
Track 15: Light Me Up
Track 16: Burnin' (feat. Bobby G and Juvie)



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